National Inner Peace Day Petition –

The UNESCO charter adopted in 1945 in London states:

“That since wars begin in the minds of men,
it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

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What if on one particular day – yet to be determined – everyone was invited to take their inner peace “temperature.” They would be encouraged to look at their lives and determine if they are living in peace or conflict and learn to construct the inner defenses for peace and turn their mind away from war.

Our Nation’s leaders, regardless of their belief’s would encourage people to look at their lives and ask themselves how are they feeling about their family, neighbors, friends, community and ask themselves: Am I feeling Peaceful?

Taking time to look inward could help reduce gang violence, bullying in schools, domestic violence and maybe even interrupt a mass shooting if the anger were replaced by tolerance and understanding rather than hatred, division and separation.

People would be encouraged to ask themselves:

Do I experience Inner Peace in my life daily?

How much each day from none on up: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50% more?

Have I ever experienced Inner Peace in my life?

Do I have a path that helps or promotes inner peace?

If we were to “look” at our lives and resolve to experience more peace then we would know that it is possible and looks for ways to find it and we would have it and our lives and our communities would have less conflict.

Please pass this National Inner Peace Day Petition to your family and friends!

We can help make it happen!

Pass the Peace!

Sally McKirgan

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