The Greatest Gift – the poem

The Greatest Gift

It happened one Christmas Season, in front of Macy’s store.

There she sat on O’Farrell Street, with her baby near the door.

On a thin blanket, with bright decorated windows behind.

Her sweet blue bundle in her arms, the cold fog soon to entwine.

And writing a sign with one hand, asking for money for help.

Shoppers busily passed them by with eyes dazed and hearts unfelt.

Because at Merry Christmas time we are in a crazy rush.

We do not want to see the pain and so our mind says: “Hush.”

But when I saw her sweet pale face and reddish-blond hair a-flame.

I thought: “Mary and Jesus could really be their Holy names.”

Taking a dollar from my purse I hastened across the street.

And gently kneeling I said “God Bless” that’s when our eyes did meet.

What happened next mystified me as warmly she said “Thank You.”

I fought back tears, I did not know exactly where to turn to.

The gift she gave: Brilliant Great Rays rising to Heavenly Love.

Soaring and climbing, entering the Magnificence Above.

It felt like a choir of Angels had gathered near on wing.

To exalt life on earth and Bach’s Mass in B minor to sing.

At times I have tried to explain the vision from her blue eyes.

But words seem so inadequate and how can love be described?

How could that puny dollar have deserved such a priceless gift?

I was speechless and could hardly think it left my heart bereft.

The gift of grace bestowed on me much grander than mine to her.

Oh God above always help me be grateful for love so pure.

You may not believe this miracle in front of Macy’s store.

And it’s been said to give, not receive, is what life may be for.

But if you will believe and recall come this Christmas Season.

When you give you also receive and God’s Love is the Reason!

©Sally McKirgan, 1986

(See the story about how this poem came about at the posting – The Greatest Gift – the story.)

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