A Tribute to Dr. Ken Wapnick


January 17, 2014

To: Foundation for A Course in Miracles
41397 Buecking Dr
Temecula CA 92590-5668

Re: Dr. Kenneth Wapnick Tributes

My earthly teacher in the illusion was Dr. Ken Wapnick, aka a Holy Son of God and the Christ, but always unassuming he never pretended to be special or claim to “know it all” even though he did. I wept when I heard of his passing because I loved him and I’m so grateful for his teachings and the considerable Course wisdom he imparted at the Temecula Academy classes. I readily absorbed the knowledge that emanated from his beautiful Mind and his non-dual teaching washed everyone in a healing balm. At the Academy class last March 2013 “Weeding Our Garden” he gently led me to finally, finally forgive former President, George W. Bush. I hope to write more about his expert guidance that led to that experience soon.

I know there is no death really but still I am sorry and feel a great loss because he is no longer teaching in the illusion – but I am happy for him that he is not.

A close family member or ours died suddenly three months before Ken. I attended the March 2011 seminar on death and dying and I know there is no death. At that seminar Ken was asked (per my notes) “Do we go to Heaven”? He said no, we go to the “blue circle” of the mind. So I like to think that our family member is there with Ken in the beautiful blue circle in the one Mind, with Ken keeping him company and giving the guidance that will lead him Home…..where he/we/you and I have always been.

Ashland, OR


To learn more about Ken’s work visit the Foundation’s website at http://www.facim.org or

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