You are my Valentine!

You are my Valentine!

Is love really possible in this earthly worldly frame? People come and go; life is ever changing with various situations, events and the whims of the ego toss us about like so much foam on a stormy sea. The only thing stable is Love, Real Love, not romantic love but True Love of the Oneness within.

Much of my spiritual seeking did not including something as elusive as love, aka God. What finally gave me peace was the realization that peace is not possible in duality which the egoic part of our mind rules. So give up finding it there. However, the ego and duality is not what is True. Truth, if it be true, is something that is eternal, unchanging and therefore real. When I let the world “go” and see it’s whims as merely that of a never satisfied or happy ego, I can finally rest in the knowledge that there is something deeply eternal and changeless and that is the Love within. It is within you, the Self, Spirit/Soul/God, our true identity of Love.

You are your own Valentine! Love is within you. Think of someone you love unconditionally. That love is coming from within you. It is yours and you give it away. But it can never be depleted. Everyone has it; everyone is included within a love that can never judge or condemn. It is just a silly mistake to think you are not loved or could be un-lovable.

There is a blessed relief that washes over us when we realize our unity with Love/God. All the worldly bitter struggles, the fruitless longing and the aching sense of being alone in a crowd or on the outside looking in–all of it ends when we let go of the ego and accept we are love and loved. When we believe it a thought of pure joy fills our minds and Peace Is! We have tormented ourselves long enough with the idea we can be separate from love. Can the sunbeam be separate from the sun? Can a wave be separate from the ocean? Can an idea be separate from the mind that thinks it? Peace comes in knowing that we are Loved and not separate or alone!

You are loved!

You are lovable!

Love is What you are!

You are my Valentine!

Sally McKirgan

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