Guilt is in the Mind – But it is not true!

Guilt: According to the metaphysics of A Course In Miracles


When we look at the ego without shame or guilt and it is undone. Guilt Be Gone!
The following describes some aspects of the metaphysical thought system in A Course In Miracles.

1. We think we destroyed God – the “tiny mad” idea shattered the unity of Heaven and we become first cause… we are God!

2. We feel a horrific guilt and the ego says we have killed God. Guilt is like an giant iceberg – we are only aware of the tip but it is still there under water.

3. This horrific guilt is denied, pushed down and never looked at.

4. When we look with Jesus at the guilt and smile it is undone because in Reality, nothing happened. We use the “little willingness” to look. We need help in looking. We cannot do it by ourselves – we need to join with Love.

5. If we do not look at the guilt, we project it out as anger, attack others or ourselves. In NOT looking, it is given power and it does not go away.

6. It is psychological law that what is repressed or denied will come out as projection. We either project on others or on our body and become sick. All pain is the projection of guilt.

7. Looking at the ego without guilt or shame is forgiveness. The ego is just a silly thought. You are not the ego. It is not you.

8. What you “think you see” the guilt will disappear when you look with Jesus or Holy Spirit. This world is not true. It is not real. It is an illusion, shadows on the wall of the cave.

9. It is impossible to be separate from God.

10. You are at Home in Heaven with God, dreaming. The separation never happened!

Guilt, like the sharp sticks in the above picture, “sticks” us when we believe the ego’s lies. The ego is the thought, the source of guilt. When we get “stabbed” with guilt, we LOOK with Jesus and we ascend to the blue beautiful sky that waits!

We have a split mind – we can listen to 1.The Wrong Mind of the ego or 2. To the Right Mind containing the Holy Spirit.

It is a momentary choice – the ego usually speaks first so your only choice is to choose again – you are that powerful!

Apil 2014 2014-03-19 015

What is it going to be: A sharp stick or the softness of a white petal brushing against your cheek?

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