Light and Joy and Peace Abide in YOU

Apil 2014 2014-03-19 015

Yes! Light and Joy are within you! You find reminders in the world:

A Sunset

A Grandchild’s smile

Your Favorite Pet

A big juicy peach

But whatever the reminders are – Ask yourself where does the perception of Light and Joy come from?

They come from a decision in your MIND!

You have decided to see the JOY.

If you are not seeing JOY it is because YOU are making the decision not to.

Look at someone you judge and decide to see JOY instead.

Let everything be a reminder to you of JOY and LIGHT. Why not? It is up to YOU.

Apil 2014 2014-03-19 014

See A Course In Miracles – Lesson 112 – Light and Joy and Peace Abide in Me

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