Holy Spirit Guide My Life in 2015

FallWinter 2014 2014-09-27 024

As a student of A Course In Miracles I willingly ask the Holy Spirit

within my mind to be my guide for the coming year.

Will I remember that is what I want all the time? NO!

When I want things MY WAY and insist I am RIGHT, I feel uneasy.

As soon as I realize that feeling, an INDICATOR LIGHT

goes off in my MIND! When that happens I know I need help.

The Indicator Light is the alarm and I willingly turn to the Holy Spirit within and say

“Thank You for being within my MIND. Help me to know the TRUTH.”

Then I thank God for the sanity HE placed within. The peaceful guidance will come.

GOD IS – He is within My HOLY MIND. He is within yours! Isn’t that wonderful?

We can overcome any obstacle becase HE is with us and all around us. We are ONE.

FallWinter 2014 2014-09-27 027

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