The Price of Peace

The Price of Peace

Water Lillies

There is a price to pay for inner peace. Can you put your nickel in the gum ball machine and LOVE whatever color of gum comes out? Do you really want a red or blue gumball? How upset will you be if you don’t get what you want? Do you enjoy that upset?

This is a silly example of giving up having our way or controlling what is going on around us. At some point we need to surrender. There are some things we just can’t control. Control really boils down to fear and worrying about the future. What if (blank) happens? That is a fearful thought and worrying is not peaceful? Our survival does depend on a certain amount of thinking ahead. For instance: “If I don’t step on the brakes I’ll hit that truck.” But worrying about visiting a relative or having an operation always defeats peace. Giving up is the price of peace. Letting whatever happens, happen means we are letting go. It will happen anyway. And when it happens accept it. It was meant to be – it just is. Grievances or un-forgiveness is hanging on to what could, should or might have been. It is not peaceful.

Why do we hang on? We need to realize and understand that we have a split mind. It is split between the ego and the higher Self. Part of us, the ego, likes to suffer. It must or otherwise we would not do it. By taking control of the mind we observe the ego and now there is a choice. We can choose it or to listen to the higher Self. That is paying the price for peace.

Give up the ego and choose to love whatever color comes out of the gum ball machine. That is paying the price for peace and not a big one either.

Just listen to love.

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