Accept the Light that you are.

Apil 2014 2014-03-19 015

You have a spark of LIGHT within you.

Whenever you have a kind thought…..there it is.

When you offer help to a friend…..there it is.

When you feel compassion…..there it is.

Garden Iris 3

Everyone has it.

It’s even in someone you dislike.

IT is steady and never goes out.

IT is always there when we look.

IT is within when things look dark.

When we become sick IT is still there.

When we become depressed, lonely or afraid IT is there.

Find it, look for it within and embrace it.

Still your beautiful busy mind and IT is there.

When you feel afraid remember the light is within, IT is you and you are IT.

Where does IT come from.

IT is a mystery.

Mystics speak of IT…..the Light.

IT comes from a Love that is not of this world.

Yet IT is in You.

IT is YOU and IT never dies….neither will you.

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