Giving and Receiving


Giving and Receiving are the same.

Inspired by A Course In Miracles Lesson 108 – To give and receive are one in Truth.

When we give something away, like a shirt or tie, it is gone. It is in the hands of another.

We may never see it again and hopefully the receiver will like it.

However, when we give love away, it is in the heart of another but even so, it

is also in our heart.

You cannot give LOVE away and yet not HAVE it. Perhaps the other person does not recognize

it or appreciate it. That is OK – you did!

When you give you also receive. You can give away as much as you want AND it is

still in your heart and mind.

Giving love away does not cost you anything. It can be a thought – just a sweet thought

like ” I do love you sweet Kelsey.” I think on some level of the Mind Kelsey will

receive it but in the giving, I also retained the love that I gave away.

How do I know she is not thinking of me right now?

I can give a smile away to someone at work, the grocery, gas station or bank.

That’s love, acceptance and noticing. That smile is still

in my mind and I received its benefits even if it is not returned.

So Giving is Receiving! Give Love away, it doesn’t cost a thing!

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