Sickness is of the mind not the body!


Sickness is of the mind.

Our thoughts of separation and guilt manifest as sickness in the body.

Bad news! We think the body becomes sick on its own account, catching colds, cancer or developing heart problems and we think we are a victim of it!

Our thoughts of judgment and especially the thought we could be separate from God created guilt in our mind and results in sickness in the body.

Sickness is used by the ego to prove we are a body and not Spirit, sickness then is a defense and proves we are separate from God.

Sickness is used as self deception, a defense to keep truth away.

The part of our mind that believed the ego’s lie that God hates us and will get us, followed it. The ego does not want us to know that it is false; a trickster.

We did not and could not ever leave God.

But in our deluded decision making mind we fell victim to its song of individuality and became a body!

This sounds like a bad dream and it is.

But it is not true because the body is not who we are. It will serve us well until we will, one day, lay it down and thank it for its usefulness and for lessons learned.

In the meantime, forgive everyone, everything and yourself for believing the ego’s lies and
know you are at home, safe, in Heaven with God and you never left.

You are a Light in this World because the Light is within you. Use your body to show everyone they are loved and teach them that they also have the Light within.


Go to
– click on workbook lessons and go to 136 – Sickness is a defense against the truth –
click on “hear” and let it be read to you.

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