Be Kind; Be Strong; Be healthy, Be smart; Be YOU


Be Strong; Be Kind; Be Healthy; Be smart; Be YOU.

This is the message on a huge large billboard in the middle of the playground at Caughlin Ranch grade school in Reno, Nevada.

What a wonderful world it would be if every school had this message on the playground. What superb training for young minds! On the other end of the playground was another billboard with arithmetic quotes. And in the middle between the two was a huge painted colorful map of the US. Each state was a different color and no names so children could determine the names.

It was the Be Kind that drew my attention. Surely with this message there would be less selfishness, hatred, bullying and more understanding and thoughtfulness.

This school must have more peace than a school that does not have this form of educational care for its children.

How about organizing a sign like this in the community where you live?
Stop bullying in your neighborhood. It starts with education.

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