Celebrate the 4th Interdependence!

For 4th of July Peace – Celebrate by Joining vs Separation!

The 4th of July marks the time when the Declaration of Independence and separation from England and the tyranny of the King and the old world, was signed in Philadelphia in 1976.

Today we celebrate with fireworks and merrymaking and claim ourselves to be free.
Do you feel free? Free from what? What is it we want to be free or separate from?

Perhaps we need to celebrate freedom by joining with others instead of separation. When we join in the Oneness with all living things and everyone including our perceived enemies, we have peace, true peace.
We will have wars until we declare ourselves free from enmity. As a nation we just “recognized” Cuba!
Wow about time. It is only 100 miles from Florida!

President Lincoln said “ To defeat an enemy, make him your friend.” We cannot be free or happy when we exclude ourselves from others

This 4th of July celebrate Oneness with everyone in your life, your acquaintances, even those who may have moved beyond in space and time and instead of separating, join!

Join in the celebration that we are all here at this place and time on this tiny fragile speck in space, we call Mother Earth.

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