Are you Asleep or Awake?

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Sleeping Adam                      Adam Awakening

Do you sleep or are you awakening?

The book, A Course In Miracles states:

“Yet the Bible says that a deep sleep fell upon Adam

and nowhere is there reference to his waking up.”    ACIM, Text Chapter 2. 1.3.6.

The Course then goes on to say “The world has not yet experienced any comprehensive

reawakening or rebirth.   Such a rebirth is impossible as long as you continue to project

or miscreate.  It still remains within you however, to extend as God extended His Spirit to you.”

Time to wake up sleepyhead!  Awakening is a process and it can be unpleasant.

Why?  We miscreate because we use the ego as our guide in the world.  It causes us to

act or react and we realize the seeming enormity of the task we undertake in its undoing.

The ego is not your friend.  It will “speak first” and “think and act first” and you realize how

insidious it is.  In any problem that arises, it will show UP to guide you.  It is only a thought!

The Course says it is false and it is not who we are. You are Spirit as God created you.

You have a voice of love to follow.  Follow it.  You are having a dream of being a body in the world.

Still the challenges (as the ego sees them) come up BUT they only serve to help

with the awakening process.  Surrender to Love within and let the ego go….every instant.

Do not let anything of this world take the peace of God away from you.

What a wonderful challenge.  Peace is within.  It is yours….right now!  You are worth it.

The Workbook lessons guide us through the mind training process.  They are the road map.

I take that road every year and each year they unpeel the layers and help with

“removing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence, my natural inheritance.”

(ACIM Introduction)

You may be inspired by lesson 200 in the A Course In Miracles Workbook.

There is no Peace except the Peace of God

“1. Seek you no further.  You will not find peace except the peace of God.  Accept this fact and save yourself the agony of yet more bitter disappointment, bleak despair and sense of icy hopelessness and doubt.  Seek you no further.  There is nothing else for you to find except the peace of God, unless you seek for misery and pain.”

go to:

Click:  On line lessons

Click on Table of Contents  and scroll to 200 and click on “hear”

If you are interested in the print of “Adam Awakening” e-mail me at and I will send price list.

One thought on “Are you Asleep or Awake?

  1. Diane Butler

    Dear Sally,
    You have rendered a vision of radiance that reminds me of utter healing. The Light is ours for the choosing. Lovely, What was it like to be in the process of bringing these pieces to life? Would love to know.

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