Who are you?


Are you aware of every thought that shows up and runs through your brain?

Or are you consciousness itself – aware – looking out through the eyes

of the Holy Son of God that you are?  Who are you?  You are not your thoughts

or your beliefs.  You are innocent whether you believe it or not.

Only the thoughts you think with God are your True thoughts.
The ego says you are guilty. Guilty for “thinking” you left God.

We are born into the World and we “think” we left God but that

is not true.   We have silly thoughts and we believe them and we separate

ourselves from others and then wonder why we feel lonely.
Your ego would have you believe you are not part of God. But…..

How can the wave leave the sea?

He is in your MIND – how can you leave your MIND?

You cannot leave the Mind you share with God.

You cannot leave God.  Isn’t that wonderful to know?

See A Course In Miracles lessons 59 and 60  –

These lessons are all about your relationship with God.





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