Ending Grievances



My raspberry bushes are beautiful this spring.  They show the promise of berries to come in June.   The peace of being in the garden dissolves grievances.  But what do I do when the garden is not available?  I still choose to end the upset by looking inside.  That is where grievances end and Peace begins.

End the grievance!  Choose Peace!  Ending a grievance is choosing peace.

Choose peace and give up the need to be right about something, to feel like a victim.

Yes, maybe you were cheated but look “inside”……have you ever cheated?

Yes, maybe you were wounded but look “inside”…..have you ever wounded someone?

Yes, maybe you were ignored but look “inside”…..have you ever ignored others?

Ending the grievance is looking “inside” and saying OK – YES….me too!

What a relief……feel the cool fragrant breeze flowing over the raspberry bushes and soothing your brow.  Feel it.

Feel the Sun’s first warmth from a cold winter upon your shoulders.

Only you can end the upsets, the judgments, the wounds by looking “inside” and smiling!

You are loved.

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Click on workbook lessons – Lesson 152 – “The Power of Decision is my own.”

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