To enjoy the journey: Ask for….

It is hard to believe that it us up to us to “save” ourselves. What?? HELP! I want someone else to do it. To fix me, love me, tell me I’m loveable, accepted, cared for, protected from all harm, and make me feel secure in the knowledge that all….IS WELL.

We are unaware most of the time that life is a journey, and we have a split mind. But if you are suffering it is probably because of your thinking! Thoughts of judgment, worry, concerns, stress fear, tell you that you are listening to the wrong mind, i.e. the ego. It is the holy mind within that we need to access and listen to, that tells us All Is WELL. Ask for HELP to think the quite thoughts. The Holy Spirit in your Holy Mind won’t shout at you. It won’t attack with….”you should know better.” That is the false, ego mind.

The memory of love aka God comes to the quiet mind. On a scale from 1 to 10%, with 10% being the greatest….how much attention do you give to quieting your mind? Maybe 2% or 5% or none?

This is why we are our saviors. We save ourselves when we access our right mind to take over our daily tasks and thoughts. But we need help because the ego always speaks first. The Course In Miracles says “ask the Holy Spirit” for help. The Holy Spirit is a gift from God or the door to our “right mind.” That is where peace and comfort can be accessed. It’s not in the world, going to the movies, shopping, etc.

Yet you can ask for everything of the Holy Spirit, because your requests to Him are real, being of your right mind. Would the Holy Spirit deny the Will of God? ” (ACIM, T-9.I.10:6-8)

For example, I recently had to do something I was dreading. When I noticed the ego thoughts running in my mind, I made the decision to change my mind. I called upon the “Holy Spirit” and said I want to see this differently. What came to me was to take “love” with me, carrying it like a “hostess gift” and seeing everyone and circumstances through the eyes of non-judgment and peace. It was an easy afternoon using the gift and you have that gift too.

If you are not familiar with the Course the idea of a “Holy Spirit” may seem strange but….watch your mind and if you see a split between, good/bad, love/hate, friend/foe, misery/peace then you are noticing the split. Just watch how you are feeling, what’s going on in your mind. How do you feel? You are the “Decision Maker” ie. the boss! It is up to you to ask, to lead the way and not follow the ego’s thoughts that lead to no where!

But you have to watch your thoughts. You must be vigilant for those little wisps of unease and if you follow them they grow and become bigger. Don’t judge yourself or make it a big deal, but just tell yourself you are choosing another way.

In A Course In Miracles, Chapter 27. Section VIII, The Hero of the Dream, paragraph 10. (Text page 587) “The secret of salvation is but this: That you are doing this unto yourself.” All judgment makes me miserable. Watch the parade of thoughts, wave, and let them go and ask for another way to see the situation. Ask for HELP!

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One thought on “To enjoy the journey: Ask for….

  1. diane butler

    Dear Sally,
    Chapter 27 reminder was pivotal. First time I read the line ‘…you do this but to yourself’ I was stopped in in my tracks. Just had to take that into my heart and contemplate. You article is a blessing of awareness to do just that. Thanks and blessings.

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