Sally McKirgan – Author, Poet and Artist

Sally McKirgan: A natiive of Puget Sound, grew up aware of unexplained mysteries, that are expressed through essays, poetry and paintings. A long time student of ‘A Course In Miracles’ her writing revels how to live in the world yet not be of it. Choosing not to be the ego’s slave but asking for Truth’s guidance to peace and freedom. 

Her lifelong desire to be an artist led her to study at the University of Washington and the Academy of Art, San Francisco. She studied painting with Jade Fon, Charlotte Britton, George Post, Gerald Brommer and Miles Batt. Her painting “Eland” was included in the book “The Artist’s Design” by Marie MacDonnell Roberts. She is a former member of San Francisco Women Artists, East Bay Watercolor Society and Oakland Art Association. She had one woman shows in San Francisco, CA., and Naples Florida. Her paintings are in private collections in the United States and the Soviet Union. Her paintings can be viewed in color at the Fine Art America website

As a student of A Course In Miracles, the Course influenced her writing and artistic vision with concepts of world peace and the shared identity of the One Self. Her painting “One Family, One Planet, One People” incorporates symbols of the world’s many faiths that have arisen from the Source of LOVE they share And her painting, “Three Major Religions” places their symbols hanging together in space peacefully as Christmas Ornaments. See link below. (Above photo – photographer Kathy Cooper)

The Gift of the Great Rays is available! It is a collection of inner peace essays she wrote for the Ashland Tidings, 2009 to 2021, including poetry, paintings, quotes from the Course and the story of the profound mystical experience of the Great Rays, mentioned in the Course. It is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The Gift of the Great Rays – Inner Peace Essays – A Course In Miracles and its Promise of Freedom” – Now available in paperback and kindle.

The Ashland Tidings Inner Peace column began in 2009. It started with her letter to the editor that was published as a Guest Commentary on Christmas Eve 2008; “In this season of love give yourself the gift of inner peace.” The column ran for 13 years. The Ashland Tidings ended production in 2021 but the column continues online at ( You are welcome to submit a 600 to 700 word article on inner peace to Richard Carey at

McKirgan paints primarily in watercolor, landscapes, florals, dreams. The Course In Miracles provides inspiration. You can visit her art work at Fine Art America – For further information contact her at