Inner Peace – One Earth & ONE Family

One Planet – One People – One Family by Sally McKirgan.
Available as t-shirt, prints or cards 

We are ONE people, One Family residing on One planet.

One Planet – One People – One Family

One planet, one human family, united and sharing one beautiful small planet.

All symbols revolve in respect and honor for the loving Creator of All there is;

the Source of Creation present in everyone; All life forms present; gone and to come.

All faiths share the same Creator of Love.  We are equally cherished and loved. Love is the

guiding light present within each heart.  We are one humanity, one people sharing one planet.

World peace will be a reality when mankind practices inner peace. When each soul is responsible for seeing the guilt projected out and withdraws it.  Then war will be extinct.  When we realize our mistake and forgive ourselves, we will know the goodness within is also the goodness without.

Symbols – Outer Circle from top right: Hinduism, Unitarian, Sikhism, Baha’i, Taoism, Jainism, Shinto and Zoroastrianism

Symbols – Inner Circle from middle right: Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Artists Statement: All religions, cultures, faiths, non-faith, agnostic or atheists are honored and respected even though they may not be represented in this piece of art.  The symbols represent a particular faith but in reality, they all emanated from the same Source.  We do not need to belong to a faith to Love our planet and its people. 

We are ONE, All residing at Home resting in God.

This world is an illusion and a place to learn our lessons and return to the ONE HOME WE ALL SHARE!

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