Courage bench at Hudson River Valley

The above photo “Courage” was taken at West Point, Academy, NY. The bench overlooks the mighty Hudson River Valley.

Inner Peace Column – Ashland Tidings

A Brief History, Ashland Oregon

In December of 2008 I sent a Letter to the editor. of the Ashland Daily Tidings. To my surprise they published it as a Guest Commentary on Christmas Eve, December 24. It was called “In this season of love, give yourself the gift of inner peace.”

When I visited them to thank them, I floated the idea of an ongoing inner peace column. I learned that such a column had been tried at one time. After some discussion, I agreed to act as “volunteer” facilitator and would seek articles from the community. The first article was a call for contributors and then it took off in January of 2009.

“Peace must come through inner peace. Frist inner peace starts from each individual and not society. We change society when each one makes an attempt to change themselves – then society change. The Individual is most important.” ~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama, University of Oregon, May, 2013

The purpose of the column is for sharing inner peace wisdom. When we share we give and in giving we also receive. What is inner peace? How and when do we experience it? Where does one start? And what works? There are many definitions of inner peace and thousands of paths and ways of achieving it, all of them valid.

No one way is better than another. The test is: “what works for me.”

The column is a “judgment free zone.” In judging, we mentally exclude others and also ourselves, resulting in loneliness and separation. When sharing wisdom it adds to the collective body of understanding. Finding what resonates in our heart can be a challenge and also an opportunity. An open mind is a free mind.

All paths are valued equally. When we learn from one another we know ourselves better and our world expands. It is through dialog that we build community. No one is excluded when we are open to learn and understand.

We may never know who has been helped by our sharing or in what way, however when we help others we also help ourselves.


My appreciation and gratitude to the Ashland Tidings publisher, editor, editorial board and staff for providing a place to nurture the ideas that can and hopefully will bring inner peace to our lives. In June 2019 the publisher, Rosebud Media added the Inner Peace articles to the Mail Tribune website under the heading “Faith.” Visit the Inner Peace column at Search: Lifestyle Inner Peace.

Whether you’re a resident of the Rogue Valley or not, you are invited to submit articles on all aspects of inner peace. For further information:

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