A Guilt Free Christmas

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Guilt is from the ego.  God is guilt Free.

The ego uses guilt as its secret weapon against you.

But you can STOP it easily!

The ego is a thought in your mind.  So…..change the thought.

Refuse to believe the ego’s foolish gibberish.

You have a Mind that you Share with God.  The ego does not

want you to know you are connected to the mystery of the Universe

that is God.  Yes God Is!  We don’t know what God Is exactly but

if  God is Love then…..God Is!  Love is.

If God is Love then what is hate?

Hate is of the ego and the ego’s job is to make you feel miserable

and in gives constant pain and guilt by condemning others and

separating from them and from yourself.

But the ego is not WHO you are!  Remember it is a thought so change it

like we change clothes every morning.

Guilt is the ego’s engine, its gas!  Don’t give it gas!

Take your foot of the gas pedal and Give up Guilt!  Today!

Everyone feels the sting of guilt but it is false – not true.

You have a Holy Mind and the ego does not determine your holiness,

God does!  God being zillions, billions percent Love never condemns

anyone for anything they may have done, so why should you?

Your Higher Self never condemns but the ego does attack and

it motivates through fear and separation from others.

Forgiveness is looking at the ego and saying “Not True.”

See the A Course In Miracles Lesson 340 – I can be free of suffering today!

http://www.acim.org  – go to workbook lessons;

then table of contents to lesson 340.

When we are free of the ego – we are free of suffering.  We are Free!

God Bless You!

Nothing anyone says or does determines your worth. And nothing you say or do or don’t do determines your worth. Your worth is not established by teaching or learning. Your worth was established by God. As long as you dispute this, and as long as you believe in superiority and inferiority, you will have fear.  Again, — nothing you do or think or wish or make is necessary to establish your worth. This point is not debatable except in delusions. (based on A Course In Miracles, Text Chapter 4.I.7:1-7)