A Butterfly Encounter

A Butterfly visited in my Ashland, OR Garden

It is a Lorquin Admiral – per Butterfly Identification posted on line.


I took several pictures while holding my breath. It was a windy day.


And another picture.


I thought about capturing it and saving it for my grandchildren to see, but what would that have taught them? That it is OK to kill something for their pleasure? That it is OK to take something from nature that has a right to live, as we do.

It is not that rare to capture butterflies but I realize it was the love in me that propelled me for my camera. I love beauty! It fills my soul with the mystery and loveliness of nature.

As the Course In Miracles says in the Manual for Teachers, #11. How is peace possible in this world?
4. “Peace is impossible to those who look on war. Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace.”

Let us offer peace to all creatures and be grateful that they are in our lives.

Doing so gives us inner peace.