Alert! Decision maker choosing ego!

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Whenever you become upset about anything remember it is your *decision maker choosing the ego thought system. Choose again. Re-direct the decision maker to the Holy Spirit within your mind.

Whatever it is that upsets you; neighbors dog barking; boss rude; friend doesn’t call or answer e-mail; have a lousy cold; grief; death of a loved one; current situation in the middle east; Jews bombing Palestine; Palestine bombing the Jews; War; or all the problems of the world and life in general, they will never cease. There is always a problem to replace the last problem that was solved. But you do have the choice to see problems differently. How do you perceive things?

It does not matter what the problem is. You have chosen to notice it and let it upset you. You want it. You want to be upset….because your ego mind wants you in a state of unsettledness.

You have a powerful mind, given to you by God. At birth you were imbued with the spark that connects you to the great mystery; the One that is Father.

You have free will and can THINK anything you want. You can side with the ego or choose to listen to the voice of Peace, the Holy Spirit within. Test it out!

Try it, you’ll like it!!


Sunriver, OR

*Dr. Kenneth Wapnick coined the term “decision maker” meaning that part of your mind that can and will choose. You are no longer a helpless victim of the ego’s thought system. You can choose between it and the other voice within, the voice of love, grace, compassion, the Holy Spirit within.

His books on the Course In Miracles are available at: