Surviving Death

Death be gone – Surviving Death

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Death sometimes gives a warning

Other times it’s out of the blue

When will it come for a loved one?

When will it come for you?

The body dies but Spirit never

Believe it because it’s true!

Death reigns no more forever

Now be a free and joyous you.

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Yes in the world of form, death is a dark terrible thing but… is not True.

Yes, it takes a “body” away from us and our problem is that we did not get our way!

We wanted that “body/person” with us to be in our lives and to be “here” for us.

Our problem is like that of a spoiled child; when we don’t get our way we are unhappy.

It is only the ego part of our mind that is unhappy. It is only the ego part of our mind that

feels the sorrow and suffers.

Would a loving God invent death? Would a loving God make death a part of his plan?

That is why death has never made any sense. It was not created by God and so it is

not real. In the world of form we have a split mind: We choose the ego or the

higher Self i.e. Holy Spirit. Your identity as Spirit is complete and whole!

Choose to be led by and listen to the wise guidance of Spirit within.

Spirit being a creation of God can never die! No one dies.

It is impossible that spirit could die because being a creation of a loving *God it is

eternal and God only creates that which is eternal. Only what God creates is real.

Yes bodies do die because they are not eternal. You as Spirit are real and can never die.

That is how we survive death! Simply do not believe it – because it is not True!

See A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson 163. “There is no death. The Son of God is free” and lesson 167 “There is one life and that I share with God.” These can be seen online at (workbook)

*The God in A Course In Miracles is infinite, eternal, changeless Love and not the Biblical
God of judgment and retribution.

This does not mean we do not mourn in this world, but we can still hold onto the fact that death is not the end of the Soul’s journey nor pretend to know what that Soul was here to learn.

See the below video’s by Dr. Ken Wapnick speaking on the topic of death. Ken Wapnick, Part 1 Ken Wapnick Part 2 – Ken Wapnick on Death