Bully or Beauty

Bully For you” ….remember that saying.  Like its ok to bully your way through whatever, wherever, whenever, go ahead, push, pull, be bold and assert yourself.  Yes, there are times when thoughtful goal setting may be necessary in this world but that is not bullying as outlined below.  I remember one time when my husband and I pushed our way into a venue to see Barack Obama. Should I call that “soft” bullying?  I don’t think we physically harmed anyone or damaged any psyche.  My friend Jim sent me the below definitions of the bully.  Take a look and do an honest self-assessment.   Share this with your friends, kids and grandkids so they realize the injury it does and assess behaviors or themselves or friends. Remember the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”   There are professionals who refuse to read reviews because they know the hurt.   As we grow in our spiritual understanding hopefully we let insults run off and forgive, but younger people and children usually can’t.   

Bullying takes many forms.  We have an “inner” bully” too.  Watch your thoughts to see if you bully yourself or others internally.   What is the thought doing to YOU?  Is it making you happy?   Bottom line is the bully aka everybody, needs love.   See love or the call for love.  Just change your mind and offer kindness and peace to yourself and to anyone else who bullies.  Here are Jim’s definitions.  You may have some to add.

Anyone who is unkind to another person is a bully.

Anyone who points at another person who appears different and shouts or laughs at that person is a bully.

Anyone who belittles another person is a bully.

Anyone who threatens or harasses or intimidates another person is a bully.

Anyone who calls another by a derogatory name is a bully.

Anyone who physically or verbally abuses another person is a bully.

Anyone who coerces another person is a bully.

Anyone who joins with others to “mob” or “gang up” is a bully.

Anyone who tries to dominate another person is a bully.

Anyone who spreads false or malicious rumors is a bully.

Anyone who mocks another person is a bully.

Anyone who taunts another person is a bully.

Anyone who “trolls”, who purposely creates discord or starts arguments, is a bully. (Starts flame wars)

Stealing, shoving, hitting, provoking, and destroying another’s property are signs of a bully.

Being rude to, or insulting, or yelling at someone without justifiable cause is a sign of a bully.

Making fun of a person who is different is a sign of a bully.

Unprovoked yelling at someone is a sign of a bully.

Social exclusion and social aggression can be signs of a bully.

Malicious lies, rumor, innuendo, humiliation, and discrediting are signs of a bully.

We all have the capacity to be a bully, but wouldn’t we be happier if we stopped the bullying and were kind to one another.  

Bullying is a sign of unhappiness and a lack of love. Be the Beauty of the Perfect Mountain; centered, loved, cherished with a Holy Mind connected to and guided by the Love of the Universe.

See A Course In Miracles – http://www.acim.org Lesson 23. I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts. Other ACIM websites are:



Peace of Mind is an Internal Matter


“Peace of Mind is clearly an internal matter.

It must begin with your own thoughts and then

extend outward.  It is from your peace of Mind

that a peaceful perception “of the world arises

A Course In Miracles Lesson 34.  I could see Peace Instead of this.

W. 34 P. 1.2 – 4

We think peace comes from anywhere but our own Holy Mind.  We seek

peace in places of solitude, a quiet path through the woods or perhaps

having tea with a friend.  But it is our thoughts that either create peace or

chaos.  We may have a quick judgmental thought and then realize it does

not bring peace.  When that happens just notice it and forgive.  Don’t go

to guilt.  The Course says the “ego always speaks first” and it does!  So

What?!  Get back to into the peace of the Right Mind and tell yourself

“I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see in it” and

peace will return.

It may be hard to believe that peace comes from within yourself but

watch your thoughts and you will be surprised and realize that


http://www.acim.org – Workbook Lessons – Lesson 34.


The Decision to Remember


In the metaphysical book, A Course In Miracles, Jesus gently guides us back to the part of our mind that forgot we *separated from God. God didn’t leave us, we left him. Chapter 10 of the Text, in Section II. The Decision to Forget, beautifully explains what has “seemingly” happened by our dissociation.
*We never left God but we are having a dream that we did.

Chapter 10. Section II. The Decision to Forget
1. “Unless you first know something you cannot dissociate it. Knowledge must precede dissociation, so that dissociation is nothing more than a decision to forget. What has been forgotten then appears to be fearful, but only because the dissociation is an attack on truth. You are fearful because you have forgotten. And you have replaced your knowledge by an awareness of dreams because you are afraid of your dissociation, not of what you have dissociated. When what you have dissociated is accepted, it ceases to be fearful.”


Here is the proof: You cannot split off from something unless you first knew what you split off from. In the dream we heard the ego and the Holy Spirit but we chose the ego. The very fact that we chose the ego proves that there is a Holy Spirit, the memory of God in our mind!! Now that we know we actually have a Holy Spirit in our Mind, we can choose it and LISTEN!

We think we have a battle with the ego in our Mind. The Love of God is going to win because Love is stronger than fear! But the battle only “seems” horrific! It is not! It is a simple gentle decision that now we choose to REMEMBER. After the ego “speaks” – and you SEE it for the hate it is – you remember the Holy Spirit is in your mind and you CHOOSE it as your teacher.

We know the truth and still the ego speaks and still we choose against it. The power of our mind is expending large amounts of energy by separating off from the atonement (the belief we can be separate from God) to worship the ego.
Now we let that energy go to choosing the LOVE within rather than the false self that wants to be in control.

With the power of our mind we buried the memory of God. Now with the power of our mind we remember to choose again and realize the ego is just a “thought” and it can be changed!

And….NO GUILT! Absolutely do not accept a thought of guilt in your holy mind.

We do not need to be afraid of God because he is waiting patiently for us to wake up and give him a Kiss! He can’t wait to hold you in his love – which by the way He is he doing at this very present moment and never has stopped.

Every time a little false thought appears and you change it you are on the road HOME to where True Love Awaits!

We made the world by choosing against God and the GUILT began.
Now we drop the ego’s hand and GUILT disappears!

And….NO GUILT! Absolutely do not accept a thought of guilt in your holy mind.

We wake up by choosing the Holy Spirit again! And again, And again….it gets easier the more you do it.


And….NO GUILT! Absolutely do not accept a thought of guilt in your holy mind.

Go to http://www.facim.org or http://www.acim.org for further information about A Course In Miracles

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Suicide Does Not Work!

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If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide please read this – perhaps it will help:

What does suicide have to do with Inner Peace? Everything! Anyone contemplating suicide does not have inner peace. Suicide thoughts come from suffering and are from the ego. Inner Peace never comes from listening to the ego. Inner peace comes from the voice for love within.

1. You may feel so separate, alone, sad, desperate, worried, fearful, sinful and be in pain but feelings lie! None of it is True. Feelings come and go. They are not True because they are not eternal. Only what is eternal is True. Suicide will make the separation and pain feel “real” to others but you cannot separate from love. You may not know it or feel it now but you are deeply loved. Find out the Truth of who you are. There is no sin – only errors and mistakes to be used as lessons. We are here to learn from our lessons.

2. It is impossible that the Soul, Spirit, your true identity could ever die. Everyone will leave their body at some point but Soul, Spirit never dies. It is a beautiful mystery.

3. If you do not feel love you are listening to the wrong voice in your mind i.e. the ego the voice of judgment that spews condemnation, fear, hopelessness, misery, hatred and doubt. You are not your ego! The ego is a choice you can make. You are that powerful! In duality we have a split mind: the ego i.e. the wrong mind and the Holy Spirit or Love, the right mind.

4. Stop listening to the ego! Don’t believe it. It is the voice of oblivion and desperation. If you feel like you want to die, it is because you are listening to and believing the tirade of confusion instead of the voice of Truth of love. You are just listening to the wrong voice. Change channels!

5. Instead go within and listen to the voice of the Holy Self that you are. You have heard it before. It is waiting your acknowledgement as YOU.

“Deep in your mind the Holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgment as you.”

6. The voice of Truth is still and small but it is there under ego dissonance. You cannot NOT have the voice of reason in your Mind. The ego will always speak first and offer its version of what it deems to be reality. Again you can choose not to listen or believe it! Say: “Not true!”

7. Do this: Breathe in slowly…..and out….several times. Feel your belly rise and fall gently and calm your mind say: “I am safe; I am resting in Love.” Breathe and think of something you love, a place, person, flower, pet. Say: “ I am loved, I choose to listen and hear and believe the voice for Truth within. I will to find the peace within.” You don’t know when the clear thought will come but stay quiet and with the intention of having a clear mind go about your day. It will come.

8. Seek and you will find the Truth. It is patiently waiting for you. You are worth it!

9. You are a spark of Eternal Light. It is in everyone. It makes you a Light in this World. It is impossible that this light be extinguished.

10. This world is an illusion and not true. However, the ego wants you to believe it is everything.

11. You are here to learn lessons. Everything that bothers you is a lesson. Everything that bothers you is for your forgiveness. Let the voice for Truth guide you throughout all the days of your life, and you will go Home Happy when the time comes.

12. Stay – I love you even if you don’t know who I am. Your gifts are needed. You have done nothing wrong!

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