You are Loved!

You are loved beyond the moon and the stars. You are held, comforted, surrounded by loving arms and have been and will always be. You are accepted just the way you are because you are perfect. No harm can ever come to you because all things are lessons you have come to learn…..and to forgive. Forgiveness offers everything you want. Forgiveness is to KNOW that you did the best you can.

When you are tempted to feel guilty about something you think you could have done, should have done or did or did not do or to hold a grievance – THAT is a PRESENT DECISION, you have made, TO HOLD ONTO IT. It is a decision, a way of justifing why you do not feel peace and LOVE right now. It is a way of saying “I’m not worthy, my mistake(s) are terrible and not to be forgiven.” You are holding on to the PAST IN THE PRESENT. You are making yourself miserable! This need not be!

That decision is a faulty decision and one you want to change.

No one is a perfect: mother, father, daughter, brother, sister, son, cousin, friend, colleague or neighbor…..freeway driver or annonymous individual you meet on the street or anywhere you go.

Say: “I can still be at peace even though I am not a perfect. No body is. Bodies are not perfect! The Mind Is! I forgive myself for my mistake(s) rather than looking at imperefection or listening to the ego lies. I now have the power to drop the painful memories and mistakes and I choose now to LET THEM GO AND REST IN THE LOVE THAT IS ALWAYS AND FOREVER MINE.”

You are a beautiful MIND. You share that MIND with the LOVE of the Universe! Spirit and Mind is your identiy and far above and beyond the ego. We cannot undo the past and we cannot ensure a happy future but we can do something about our choice to hold on to memories and grievances. Choose NOW TO LET THEM GO and be FREE. That is where your happiness lies.


Author: ‘The Gift of the Great Rays, Inner Peace Essays and A Course In Miracles and its Promise of Freedom.’ Available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Remember no fear and celebrate!

Remember no fear, so celebrate!

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There is nothing to fear,

so celebrate dear

nothing can harm you in the illusion,

belief causes stress and such confusion.

The script was written

so now don’t get bitten

by limitless ego distractions.

Remember no fear and celebrate!

The past is all gone,

It’s been gone so long;

the script is a dream;

you can believe it or not,

but the *Holy Spirit’s got

everything you need to get through.

With His help in your mind

Everything will be fine.

You now understand with peace as your guide,

nothing can make you run or to hide.

Remember no fear and celebrate dear!

Inspired by A Course In Miracles, Lesson 48 – There is nothing to fear

Fear enters our mind how many times a day? will I understand why I lost my job; will I ever get another job; will I understand the death of a son; daughter; husband; mother; brother; wife; sister or father; will I ever have inner peace?

The reason we need to recognize all fear as simply thoughts in our mind, is because they are the trap door the ego uses to keep us focused on and rooted in our problems and the world. We will never see our way through the illusion with the guidance of the love i.e. the Holy Spirit in our right mind, if we heed or believe the thoughts that lead to the trap door. The instant you recognize “Oh, here is a fear thought again” you are remembering God. You, the decider, are refusing the trap door.

Lesson 48. p.3. “The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength. The awareness that there is nothing to fear shows that somewhere in your mind, though not necessarily in a place you recognize as yet, you have remembered God, and let His strength take the place of your weakness. The instant you are willing to do this there is indeed nothing to fear.”

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Say It With Love

Say It With Love

Can you think of a time when you wish you had said something differently or had not said what you did? We all have. But think of what might have been said if love was held in the mind. Perhaps you were angry at the time but if we can remember to stop, before we say something, take a breath and access the place within where love resides, we can trust what we will say will be loving. We don’t know what the words will be, but we can trust they will come from compassion; our true identity; the higher self; the wisdom shared with the Creator/God/Allah/Yahweh/Holy Spirit/Jesus i.e. Love. The other will recognize the love being offered and will not be offended.


There is a place in you where peace and stillness abides. It is only found within and nowhere outside or in the world. The world can serve as a reminder of the sacred place and we visit Cathedrals, Holy Places and perhaps nature in search of peace but these things while being beautiful at merely echoes of what was first held in the mind.
Nourish, practice, develop and cultivate this center, the spirit Self that you are. It is the place to go when chaos arises; where the wisdom of love resides; and where to turn and ask “What would you have me say?” Be aware, it is not the ego part of the mind which usually speaks first. The ego mimics love but the difference is its manipulating rather than peace making.

The more you practice finding that “still center” the faster you will become at accessing it. The feeling we have when something is amiss sends us into fear or love. We usually go to fear but the instant you realize you are feeling fearful or upset, and it is not what you want, go to that place of refuge. Say “I’m feeling upset but I now choose the love within to guide me.” There are many spiritual paths that can help but the only one who can do it is you. There is a beautiful old hymn “You gotta walk that lonesome valley, you gotta walk it by yourself, nobody else can walk it for you. You gotta walk it by yourself.” We all walk the lonesome valley but help is within yourself, in your powerful mind.


Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth has a chapter called Recognizing Inner Space. We have so many thoughts and distractions in the world that we are not aware of the consciousness of our true Self within. If we listen to our thoughts of worry, despair, achievement, anxiety and negativity we will not enjoy the simple things like watching clouds, the rain, and the flash of a blue jay or sunlight on a flower. He goes on to say “Stillness of the language God speaks and everything else is a bad translation.” As we become mindful we realize we can access this quiet space anytime, even while sitting through a tough meeting or watching a disaster on TV. Tolle says a space has opened in the mind; no matter how briefly, in the otherwise incessant stream of thinking. As we nurture and develop the inner center; let our awareness see and hear beauty; we expand the spacious place of love in the Mind. Choose to be and speak from that center of love that you are.

When you go to the still place; remind yourself: “I choose the love that is at my center to guide me. I ask to be guided by love.” You don’t know what you will say, but you can trust it will be something kind, loving and helpful. And don’t worry if nothing seems to come at that particular moment, but trust when the time is right you will say it with love; the love that you are, coming from the stillness within!

Sally facilitates an A Course In Miracles study group in Ashland and the Tidings Inner Peace column. This article first appeared in the Ashland Daily Tidings.


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