Am I a Body or Spirit?


As students of A Course In Miracles we are asked to consider our True Identity.

We are born into a body, in a particular family of certain circumstances but seeking the answer to the age old question:  Who am I?  We learn (gradually) we are NOT who we THINK we are!

The Course tells us we are Spirit and little by little we come to understand that YES, that is true, our (eternal) spirit does reside in our body for now but the time will come when we will leave the body, thank it for its service and move on.  We are really caretakers (or not) of our soul that is currently inhabiting this body!

The more and more we REMEMBER we are in fact SPIRIT, the more peace we will have.  When the body has a problem, which it will, it is a chance to say:  NOPE – NOT ME!

Of course we take care and “fix” the body and do whatever we can to stay in the world and learn lessons that are sure to come.   A elderly friend became sick recently and the sickness was such that she decided NOT to “fix” her body!  That was courageous but I know the time will come when I will make that same decision.  I will know what’s right when that time comes and I will leave knowing I did the right thing.

Workbook lesson 199. I am not a body. I am free, is a wonderful lesson to explore the feelings of not being the body.  You can go to http://www.acim.org and click on lessons and then close your eyes and listen quietly to let it sink in.

Remember, you are a decision making Mind!  You have the power to choose!  You have two choices:  Love or Fear.  You can listen to the ego’s fear or listen to the Holy Spirit’s grace and faith.

Isn’t it great to know you have a CHOICE!  That is why you are not a victim.

http://www.facim.org – Lesson 199:  “I am not a body.  I am free.  I hear the Voice That God has given me, and it is only This my mind obeys.”

The Happiness of Spring

Spring 2014 2014-03-12 018

What keeps us from inner peace is very simply not realizing or accepting our true identity. If I am ONE with everything what is my problem? What grievance or problem could upset me?

You are Spirit, ageless, formless, timeless, eternal, completely, invulnerable, healed, whole and One with Source. Spirit is eternal, can never die and cannot be threatened. Find that within yourself for happiness.

We are convinced however that we are our bodies and live in the world of form and base our beliefs on what can be seen with the eyes. Are we born only to ultimately have the same destiny: death? We need to ask: Would a loving God or Creator design such a thing? Are we born only to die? What if it is a trick or a dream as the Course and the mystics tell us?

Peace descends upon a frantic mind when we gradually and gently let go of our ego identity and its thoughts of separation that continually convince us that we have certain needs, certain DNA, subject to germs, illnesses, and have a particular birth identity, sexual orientation and belong to a specific ethnic group.

Yes, YOU, as Spirit do inhabit a body that you take care of, but your true Self is still Spirit. We come into the body to learn lessons the Soul needs to learn. We don’t know why we get the “script” we got but just accept it. It is your classroom and the body is the vehicle for learning the lessons for the soul’s growth. Regardless of the lessons, we all have the same identity: Sprit!

But what happens when the body dies? It is gently laid down, thanked for its usefulness and our true identity as Spirit continues. There is no death ever. It is impossible to leave the Source of Creation.

When we look at the logic, the only sane thing to do is to change our Mind and our Identity from body to Spirit! I can choose to be Happy and forgive everything, as I learn my lessons no matter what they are!

Happiness will Spring into your Mind when you remember your true Identity! God Is!

Below are two YouTube video’s from the Foundation for A Course In Miracles with Dr. Ken Wapnick speaking on the topic of no death. http://www.facim.org

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qazuMGKyaU – Ken Wapnick on Death, Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nEm9qv6hsU Ken Wapnick on death part 2