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Muslim Lives Matter – What should Course students do?

Black lives matter; Muslim lives matter; all lives matter! We live in a world that screams of distraction and misery, especially with the current immigration influx of Muslim refugees running for their lives from war to the protection and safety of Europe. Some in Europe welcome them with open arms and some are fearful and …

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You are the Light of the World

Grievances hide your light! A grievance, an upset, anger, frustration or any annoyance hides the light that is within. When you see an angry person what do you perceive, light or darkness? Grievances and light cannot go together and vision is impaired when darkness runs rampant through the mind. In order to see clearly the …

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Detaching from the false self

My day of liberation: Detaching. On Wednesday, July 23, 2014 – it was a day that will live in (my awakening) infamy! And maybe Diego’s too! My spiritual practice, being non-dual, tells us that this world is an illusion and that we are not bodies rather we are spiritual beings who can never die. Yes …

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