Was Jesus a victim?


A Course In Miracles lesson 31 – I am not the victim of the world I see.

What a profound statement especially when we feel “put upon” by circumstances of the world, employers, spouses, parents, children, taxes and death to name a few.

Living in this crazy world we pay a price unless we refuse the concept of victimhood.

In the Course, Jesus says he did not consider himself a victim.

I am ever grateful to the MIND of Jesus for bringing the Course into the world and
telling us that He was not a victim, there is no death and suffering is optional!

He did not suffer because:

1. He knew he was not his body, his identity was invulnerable as Spirit;

2. He knew the world was an illusion, not real and therefore a dream and

3. He knew that he could not be killed, since Spirit can never die.

That is why there is no death. Jesus’s Mind contacted Helen Schucman and
through their collaboration the Course came into the world.

It would not have happened if Jesus was dead.

So Celebrate Easter, knowing there is no death. Jesus’s body was indeed destroyed but he wasn’t.

And you will never die either.

Happy Easter!


There is no death

The Spiritual book, A Course In Miracles, tells us there is no death!


There is no death, The Son of God is Free.

There is no death because Spirit cannot die.

Spirit is eternal.

Why is death unreal?

Because it was not created by God.

God only creates the eternal.

God’s Son, YOU, are Spirit and YOU are eternal.

Death is the embodiment of the thought of guilt.

We carry guilt because we believe we have separated from God.

You can no more separate from God than you can separate from your thoughts.

A year ago a beloved relative died. However…….

He is not dead. His Spirit has moved on and we no longer see his

body but that still does not mean he is dead. He came to learn lessons.

The grief and sorrow we feel comes from detaching, letting him go.

The lesson: accept that death is natural to bodies. They are not eternal.

Rather than seeing bodies and personalities see the Spirit Christ Light within.

Love what is eternal and attach to that – their loving sprit.

Love them for the Spirit they came and shared, but detach from the body they are not.

We are ONE Spirit. We are ONE Holy Son of God.

Apil 2014 2014-03-19 006

Celebrate their reality; the Son of God; the Christ they and you both are, and you will know that

death is not real. No one dies. And neither will you.

Surviving Death

Death be gone – Surviving Death

Apil 2014 2014-03-27 002

Death sometimes gives a warning

Other times it’s out of the blue

When will it come for a loved one?

When will it come for you?

The body dies but Spirit never

Believe it because it’s true!

Death reigns no more forever

Now be a free and joyous you.

Apil 2014 2014-03-18 007

Yes in the world of form, death is a dark terrible thing but…..it is not True.

Yes, it takes a “body” away from us and our problem is that we did not get our way!

We wanted that “body/person” with us to be in our lives and to be “here” for us.

Our problem is like that of a spoiled child; when we don’t get our way we are unhappy.

It is only the ego part of our mind that is unhappy. It is only the ego part of our mind that

feels the sorrow and suffers.

Would a loving God invent death? Would a loving God make death a part of his plan?

That is why death has never made any sense. It was not created by God and so it is

not real. In the world of form we have a split mind: We choose the ego or the

higher Self i.e. Holy Spirit. Your identity as Spirit is complete and whole!

Choose to be led by and listen to the wise guidance of Spirit within.

Spirit being a creation of God can never die! No one dies.

It is impossible that spirit could die because being a creation of a loving *God it is

eternal and God only creates that which is eternal. Only what God creates is real.

Yes bodies do die because they are not eternal. You as Spirit are real and can never die.

That is how we survive death! Simply do not believe it – because it is not True!

See A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson 163. “There is no death. The Son of God is free” and lesson 167 “There is one life and that I share with God.” These can be seen online at http://www.acim.org (workbook)

*The God in A Course In Miracles is infinite, eternal, changeless Love and not the Biblical
God of judgment and retribution.

This does not mean we do not mourn in this world, but we can still hold onto the fact that death is not the end of the Soul’s journey nor pretend to know what that Soul was here to learn.

See the below video’s by Dr. Ken Wapnick speaking on the topic of death.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qazuMGKyaU Ken Wapnick, Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nEm9qv6hsU Ken Wapnick Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2rpdKICwTQ – Ken Wapnick on Death

Suicide Does Not Work!

unknown pics 2013-04-20 005

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide please read this – perhaps it will help:

What does suicide have to do with Inner Peace? Everything! Anyone contemplating suicide does not have inner peace. Suicide thoughts come from suffering and are from the ego. Inner Peace never comes from listening to the ego. Inner peace comes from the voice for love within.

1. You may feel so separate, alone, sad, desperate, worried, fearful, sinful and be in pain but feelings lie! None of it is True. Feelings come and go. They are not True because they are not eternal. Only what is eternal is True. Suicide will make the separation and pain feel “real” to others but you cannot separate from love. You may not know it or feel it now but you are deeply loved. Find out the Truth of who you are. There is no sin – only errors and mistakes to be used as lessons. We are here to learn from our lessons.

2. It is impossible that the Soul, Spirit, your true identity could ever die. Everyone will leave their body at some point but Soul, Spirit never dies. It is a beautiful mystery.

3. If you do not feel love you are listening to the wrong voice in your mind i.e. the ego the voice of judgment that spews condemnation, fear, hopelessness, misery, hatred and doubt. You are not your ego! The ego is a choice you can make. You are that powerful! In duality we have a split mind: the ego i.e. the wrong mind and the Holy Spirit or Love, the right mind.

4. Stop listening to the ego! Don’t believe it. It is the voice of oblivion and desperation. If you feel like you want to die, it is because you are listening to and believing the tirade of confusion instead of the voice of Truth of love. You are just listening to the wrong voice. Change channels!

5. Instead go within and listen to the voice of the Holy Self that you are. You have heard it before. It is waiting your acknowledgement as YOU.

“Deep in your mind the Holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgment as you.”

6. The voice of Truth is still and small but it is there under ego dissonance. You cannot NOT have the voice of reason in your Mind. The ego will always speak first and offer its version of what it deems to be reality. Again you can choose not to listen or believe it! Say: “Not true!”

7. Do this: Breathe in slowly…..and out….several times. Feel your belly rise and fall gently and calm your mind say: “I am safe; I am resting in Love.” Breathe and think of something you love, a place, person, flower, pet. Say: “ I am loved, I choose to listen and hear and believe the voice for Truth within. I will to find the peace within.” You don’t know when the clear thought will come but stay quiet and with the intention of having a clear mind go about your day. It will come.

8. Seek and you will find the Truth. It is patiently waiting for you. You are worth it!

9. You are a spark of Eternal Light. It is in everyone. It makes you a Light in this World. It is impossible that this light be extinguished.

10. This world is an illusion and not true. However, the ego wants you to believe it is everything.

11. You are here to learn lessons. Everything that bothers you is a lesson. Everything that bothers you is for your forgiveness. Let the voice for Truth guide you throughout all the days of your life, and you will go Home Happy when the time comes.

12. Stay – I love you even if you don’t know who I am. Your gifts are needed. You have done nothing wrong!

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There are thousands of paths to Truth. These websites are some that may be helpful.


Or google these authors and more:
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Harvard Nuerusurgeon Eben Alexander’s NDE Radically Changes His Beliefs (Videos & Text)

Dr. Eben Alexander – NDE

A Tribute to Dr. Ken Wapnick


January 17, 2014

To: Foundation for A Course in Miracles
41397 Buecking Dr
Temecula CA 92590-5668

Re: Dr. Kenneth Wapnick Tributes

My earthly teacher in the illusion was Dr. Ken Wapnick, aka a Holy Son of God and the Christ, but always unassuming he never pretended to be special or claim to “know it all” even though he did. I wept when I heard of his passing because I loved him and I’m so grateful for his teachings and the considerable Course wisdom he imparted at the Temecula Academy classes. I readily absorbed the knowledge that emanated from his beautiful Mind and his non-dual teaching washed everyone in a healing balm. At the Academy class last March 2013 “Weeding Our Garden” he gently led me to finally, finally forgive former President, George W. Bush. I hope to write more about his expert guidance that led to that experience soon.

I know there is no death really but still I am sorry and feel a great loss because he is no longer teaching in the illusion – but I am happy for him that he is not.

A close family member or ours died suddenly three months before Ken. I attended the March 2011 seminar on death and dying and I know there is no death. At that seminar Ken was asked (per my notes) “Do we go to Heaven”? He said no, we go to the “blue circle” of the mind. So I like to think that our family member is there with Ken in the beautiful blue circle in the one Mind, with Ken keeping him company and giving the guidance that will lead him Home…..where he/we/you and I have always been.

Ashland, OR


To learn more about Ken’s work visit the Foundation’s website at http://www.facim.org or

There is no death – You will never die

Your True Identity – You are Love

“Nothing real can be threatened,
nothing unreal exists.
Therein lies the peace of God.”
A Course In Miracles, Introduction


What keeps inner peace from being realized is not knowing who/what you are. You are a work of God. You are not your body or the millions of ego thoughts that try to convince you that you are a body, with a certain DNA, subject to germs, illnesses or the particular identity given you at the birth of your body.

Yes, we all have a body but it is not who/what we are. What happens when the body dies? It is gently laid down and your real identity as Spirit continues. The Son of God can never die or be threatened or suffer since as God’s son we inherit all His attributes, being ONE with Him.

A good friend of mine died recently. She had gone through a year of cancer treatment. When she first became sick and the terrible word “cancer” was mentioned by her Doctor, and since we were on similar spiritual paths, I gently reminded her of her true identity and that she was not her body. “I know that!” she said emphatically!


Everyone who knew her from Doctors, radiologists to friends and family were shown by her actions via her great Internal Spirit, that she was indeed not her body. Yes her body was losing its hair and weight and yes it was not very hungry but she did not identify with it as being her self. Her true Self, was Spirit and it was her source of Love.

Love was who she was, no matter if the body was sick or well. Love moved through her and out via her voice and the songs she loved to sing. Loved moved through her to the verbal blessings she gave not just to those whom she knew but it extended to people (strangers) she met in stores or restaurants. She never met a stranger! Her favorite saying was “God Bless your heart”? That was her. She never excluded anyone from her Love, and if she met you, she loved you. just like God!

About a month of two before she left her body, she had to wear a oxygen tube in her nose but did that stop her? Nope! She went everywhere dragging her metal oxygen canister along behind her. Many probably thought “Why doesn’t she just stay home and take it easy?” but she was proving to all that she was not going to let a little thing like a metal canister or cancer stop her from expressing her joy and Love!


She was proving to those who were lucky enough to know her, that she was indeed a great spirit. She left her body with grace and a peace that is not of this world. And sure enough, she proved she was not her body because she left it lying on the bed like a shell and off she flew with her REAL spirit Self to her next lesson or maybe even HOME with God.

The spiritual book A Course In Miracles tells us that we are not our bodies, we are a Spirit Self that will never die because it is invulnerable. The body is useful and we care for it because it is a means of communication, but it is neutral and it is not the teacher….our Spirit Self that resides within us is our teacher and guide.

My friend’s Spirit that inhabited her body taught us all what she and We truly are. She did not slink away to hide the body’s dying process. She shared that it was not who she was…and neither are you.

You are Loved and you are not your Body. You are Spirit, complete and healed and whole. You will never die.


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Harvard Nuerusurgeon Eben Alexander’s NDE Radically Changes His Beliefs (Videos & Text)

Dr. Eben Alexander – NDE