Your Beautiful Beneficient Mind


There is a blessed relief that washes over us when we feel loved.

A blue jay recently bounced onto a flimsy oak branch outside my window with an acorn in its beak. It flew to the ground and hopped around the garden looking for just the right place to store it. A few minutes later it was sitting in the pear tree, sans acorn. I know it is storing food for the future but it is also taking care of my little yard and our planet too. I feel loved and I appreciate its beautiful blueness. I see its actions extending beyond its everyday duties for the good of everything. Maybe tomorrow I won’t feel loved but if I can stop and recall the blue jay, and the goodness inherent in you and all living things, the love will return. I am reminded of Love’s Presence daily if I look for it rather than the opposite.

We see the bitter struggles and the aching sense of being on the outside looking in when we watch the news and the Middle East refugees trying to find a place of respite for themselves and their families. As Course students we know this world is not our home. We are all refugees as we live the scripts of our lives and learn the lessons we came to learn.

Everyone fights a hard battle on planet earth: addictions, homelessness, combat PTSD, suicides, culture, race, Black Lives Matter and everyone needs love, acceptance and peace. If we can let a thought of pure joy fill our mind, for just an instant: Respite Is, Peace Is! We care, we weep, but weeping doesn’t help. A thought of LOVE does. It has recently been proven that a mind can “pick up” thoughts and we have sense perceptions we are not aware of. But just because we are unaware does not mean they are not there.

In the book “The Source Field Investigations,” author David Wilcox calls this consciousness transfer, pg. 33. He describes it thus: “Dr. Charles Tart of Berkeley, CA conducted an experiment where he gave himself electric shocks and then attempted to “send” his pain to another person who was the “receiver.” The other person in another room was wired up to measure heart rate, blood volume and other physiological signals. Tart found that the receiver’s body did indeed respond to the shocks through such things as an increased in heart rate and a decrease in blood volume but the receiver had no conscious knowledge of when Dr. Tart was sending them.” I wonder what would have happened if Dr. Tart had sent love instead of pain?

As Course students we are told that thought creates form! What if my angry thoughts create war somewhere?

A Course In Miracles states in the introduction to Chapter 5. 3.

“You are being blessed by every beneficent thought in any of your brothers anywhere. You should want to bless them in return, out of gratitude. You need not know them individually or they you. The light is so strong that it radiates throughout the Sonship and returns thanks to the Father for radiating His joy upon it.” Your mind is very powerful.

Send loving beneficent thoughts out into the world, to people we want to help, to our neighborhood and town can be “received” on some level.

Send loving thoughts to someone you DON’T LIKE! In the Course its called projection. So love them and you will be loving yourself. Forgive yourself for believing your ego!

Can the sunbeam be separate from the sun? Can an idea be separate from the mind that thinks it? Peace is giving beneficent love and in so doing, we also feel love and know we are not separate or alone.

The cure for loneliness: Send love to someone.

Use it to go to sleep at night.

Be cognizant of the ego part of the mind that does not believe we could possibly be connected, want peace or love for that matter. It loves to exclude, separate, condemn and judge. Watching politics is proof enough. Watch politics with the Holy Spirit.

However, the ego does not represent Truth. Love and forgiveness is as close to Truth as we can get in duality. Let the world “go” and realize its whims or yours do not last for long. Identify with your true Self/ Spirit/Soul /Mind that is connected to everyone.

God/Love is not distant but found within.

There is a blessing in Unity churches which ends with the words “Wherever I am, God is.” You can also say “Wherever I am, Love is.”


Suicide Does Not Work!

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If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide please read this – perhaps it will help:

What does suicide have to do with Inner Peace? Everything! Anyone contemplating suicide does not have inner peace. Suicide thoughts come from suffering and are from the ego. Inner Peace never comes from listening to the ego. Inner peace comes from the voice for love within.

1. You may feel so separate, alone, sad, desperate, worried, fearful, sinful and be in pain but feelings lie! None of it is True. Feelings come and go. They are not True because they are not eternal. Only what is eternal is True. Suicide will make the separation and pain feel “real” to others but you cannot separate from love. You may not know it or feel it now but you are deeply loved. Find out the Truth of who you are. There is no sin – only errors and mistakes to be used as lessons. We are here to learn from our lessons.

2. It is impossible that the Soul, Spirit, your true identity could ever die. Everyone will leave their body at some point but Soul, Spirit never dies. It is a beautiful mystery.

3. If you do not feel love you are listening to the wrong voice in your mind i.e. the ego the voice of judgment that spews condemnation, fear, hopelessness, misery, hatred and doubt. You are not your ego! The ego is a choice you can make. You are that powerful! In duality we have a split mind: the ego i.e. the wrong mind and the Holy Spirit or Love, the right mind.

4. Stop listening to the ego! Don’t believe it. It is the voice of oblivion and desperation. If you feel like you want to die, it is because you are listening to and believing the tirade of confusion instead of the voice of Truth of love. You are just listening to the wrong voice. Change channels!

5. Instead go within and listen to the voice of the Holy Self that you are. You have heard it before. It is waiting your acknowledgement as YOU.

“Deep in your mind the Holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgment as you.”

6. The voice of Truth is still and small but it is there under ego dissonance. You cannot NOT have the voice of reason in your Mind. The ego will always speak first and offer its version of what it deems to be reality. Again you can choose not to listen or believe it! Say: “Not true!”

7. Do this: Breathe in slowly…..and out….several times. Feel your belly rise and fall gently and calm your mind say: “I am safe; I am resting in Love.” Breathe and think of something you love, a place, person, flower, pet. Say: “ I am loved, I choose to listen and hear and believe the voice for Truth within. I will to find the peace within.” You don’t know when the clear thought will come but stay quiet and with the intention of having a clear mind go about your day. It will come.

8. Seek and you will find the Truth. It is patiently waiting for you. You are worth it!

9. You are a spark of Eternal Light. It is in everyone. It makes you a Light in this World. It is impossible that this light be extinguished.

10. This world is an illusion and not true. However, the ego wants you to believe it is everything.

11. You are here to learn lessons. Everything that bothers you is a lesson. Everything that bothers you is for your forgiveness. Let the voice for Truth guide you throughout all the days of your life, and you will go Home Happy when the time comes.

12. Stay – I love you even if you don’t know who I am. Your gifts are needed. You have done nothing wrong!

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