Do I really see a world of Vengeance?

What I see is a form of vengeance.

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson 22 – January 22, 2014
(Please see the workbook for the complete lesson.)

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Yes, what I see is a form of my vengeance because I made the decision to separate from God. The world of duality definitely has vengeance! At the * time I did not know that my decision would lead to such a drastic end. When I decided to be separate and special and to “create like God – because surely he can’t be the only one to do it”…..I didn’t realize I would leave Peace and Love behind. Now I am angry (at myself) for my stupid decision and since I chose to separate from Love, I now see Love’s opposite in the world of duality and YES I see vengeance now too!

What I see in the world reflects the vengeance I took out on God.

Do I want it any longer? No. I’m tired of it. It did not and does not make me happy and I am very sorry for that stupid decision. Yes, guilt is another name for sorry!

And….The Course thankfully tells me that my decision can be un-done this very instant – the Holy Instant when I remember God is Reality and the decision never happened anyway or had any effect, “not one note in Heaven was lost.” I merely remember (if I will) “I am not separate from God. Say it over and over “I am not separate from God, God Is, I am one with Love.” No matter what is going on in your life, kids screaming, husband, wife or partner ranting, CNN disaster, death of a loved one….all the world’s misery.

We train ourselves out of our misery by recognizing “how we feel” and by holding on to and listening to the Holy Spirit and Jesus gently directing us to the thoughts in our right mind and away from egoic vengeance.

I am still as God created me and

Home with Him is where I always shall be!


*When was the decision made to be separate from God? At the beginning at the time of the Big Bang and the tiny made idea (T. pg 585 p6.)

Yes that was a decision then but also right now, this very instant or anytime I forget I am One with God and Home in Heaven …..right now! Right Now!

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