What do I know?


It has been one year since I started this blog…..sharing thoughts from my spiritual journey with truth seekers. The illusory world does not care and it does not matter anyway because the ego runs the illusion. If you don’t know what anything is for I can tell you. It is for forgiveness.

What do I KNOW?

Nothing in this world is true.

Nothing in this world is real.

God IS. That’s all I know.

Do I see God with mortal eyes? NO

Do I feel God with a mortal Body? NO

Do I know what love is? Sometimes.

Do I know that LOVE exists? YES

How do I know that LOVE exists?

From a mystical experience words could not describe

But, I tried anyway because I needed to understand it, in a poem called

The Greatest Gift. It was my way to hold on to the beauty

and to always remember that only Love is Real and never ever

forget the Magnificence that I knew and now have known.

This is what I know:

Forgive everyone for everything including yourself and you’ll be happy.

God Is. Love Is.

I am Love. You are Love.

Only the Love within is Real.



Poem: The Greatest Gift can be read on this blog posted December 24, 2013

Forgiveness is for Everyone – A Poem


Forgiveness Is For You
You’re forgiven; you have done nothing wrong.
Time to recall God’s home where you belong .
There is no sin, mistakes you’ve made a few.
Nothing you’ve done can keep Gods love from you.
You’re His perfect Son, believe it or not.
Belief in your True Self now is rethought.
Forgiveness is from the Real Self in you.
It’s open door has always been there too.
Close your eyes; seek the quiet Self that’s real.
This is Who you are, the Love inside heals.
Ask Holy Spirit for help; to assist.
Always there with answers that never miss.
Change your mind and the old beliefs dissolve.
Now you understand; all things are resolved.
With forgiveness learn Love is Grace so pure.
No matter what it’s always been secure.
You’re forgiven; you have done nothing wrong.
Remember God’s house is where you belong.

© Sally McKirgan 2013

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Steps to follow for the Journey Home.


Be Conflict Free: Have Peace and follow these steps. 

1. Realize that every thought begins in the mind of you, the thinker. You are responsible for the thoughts you think.  You do not have to believe your thoughts!  You have an option to choose between two voices in your mind, the ego or the Holy Spirit, the voice for God.  The ego never brings peace, the Holy Spirit always does.


2. The Holy Spirit was placed in your mind by God, at the time of the separation.   It is listening and following this voice for love that leads home. 



3. The Holy Spirit holds knowledge safe in your mind through his impartial perception.


4.  Extend the Holy Spirit in your mind and see all brothers as equal.  By attacking nothing there are no barriers to the communication with God. To be conflict free learn from the Holy Spirit and teach only by Him. 

5. Your Godlike mind can never be destroyed, not even through death.  The ego is also in your mind but you do not have to listen to it.  It is not YOU.


6. What you teach you strengthen in yourself because you share it.  Every lesson you teach you are learning.  You are love, which you have denied and now must learn to remember.


7. To be conflict free Teach only Love For that is What you Are.  This is the lesson that is unified because we teach to learn.


8. Safety lies in extending the Holy Spirit because as you accept his gentleness in your mind, you will perceive and see either love or a call for love in others.   Once gentleness is accepted there is no need to protect yourself and the protection of God dawns upon the mind.



9. The perfectly safe are wholly benign. They bless because they know they are blessed.


10. Without anxiety the mind is wholly kind and extends beneficence and is beneficent.  Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack and Inner Peace is accomplished.


Excerpted From A Course In Miracles, 2nd edition, Chapter 5. Section III The Relinquishment of Attack

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