You can be hurt only by your thoughts!

You can be hurt only by your thoughts!


Waaaahhhh we cry and whine but why whine when you can let go of the thoughts that hurt.

What are you crying about? Friends more successful? ¬– OK where does that thought come

from? EGO –aka “Egg Got Overcooked” – ugh egg white going through your brain got

overcooked and came out in the form of crispy tangled burnt hurtful thoughts.

Keep that egg white smooth by not overcooking your thoughts! EGO always overcooks

everything. Bless your friends. Your powerful decision making mind can choose to

side with the ego’s jealousy or it can choose to see the blessing they are to you and

others. See their gifts and you have changed the thoughts that hurt. And when you are

blessing them, include yourself and see that your power lies in what you choose to think!

You choose between two thought systems: the ego or with the LOVE residing within.

See A Course In Miracles workbook lesson 281 and read the entire inspiring lesson and give

yourself the gift of inner peace. (online lessons)


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