The River of Peace


Doubt and especially self-doubt is the opposite of trust!  When in doubt we are listening to intrusive negative self-talk.  We need to assess ourselves from time to time; what you are doing, your plans etc. but you don’t have to get out the whips and chains and throw the acid of regret and blame on your Holy mind.  Forgiveness is a choice; a gift you give yourself.  What are you thinking?  Is it true and even if it is, do you want to forgive and change your thoughts or remain miserable?  Yes or No?  If you answer is a weak “yes” then say it louder; louder yet, now scream it…..Y E S!!!  If it is no then you are asking to stay in pain and misery of regret.  Maybe you like pain because it means you can remain a victim and not be in charge of your thoughts.  Is this you?  How does pain serve you?  Take an honest look and then ask yourself the question again: Do I want to change my self-talk? Do I want to stop believing the thoughts?  Yes or No?  

Whatever your circumstances you can watch your thoughts and then reject or change them.  You no longer have to heed or believe everything you think. Change them for a better thought.  For example here are a few: 

I will find a good job;

I am capable and smart and great at what I do;

I know the perfect job, partner, or apartment will appear;

I am gifted and have a great personality;

I am friendly and compassionate;

I have a sense of humor and connect with people easily. 

I don’t know what someone is thinking about me.

I will stop being fearful or project on others.

What I think of others is up to me.

I no longer judge others. 

I swim and flow with the river of peace!

I trust my life is unfolding as it is supposed to.

I now forgive all situations and reverse my thinking.

I will now longer believe thoughts of fear and doubt.  

I will replace all thoughts with peace.

To quiet your mind, visualize yourself swimming and floating in a lovely river on a beautiful sunny day.  How does it feel? See yourself using your favorite stroke and gliding easily.  Now swim through your thoughts like you swim in the water.  Now float and decide you will float through the rest of the day in confidence, with trust and faith that the quiet mind of the Holy Spirit is available.  Merely ask.  His peace is always available.  Worries and problems will arise but remember you are in the river of peace and grab the Holy Spirit or Jesus’s hand and float gently down the stream. Know you are safe and you understand how to handle the rapids of fear and doubt with Trust and Wisdom in the River of Peace.  

Inspired by: A Course In Miracles, Workbook Lessons 33. There is another way of looking at the world and 34.I could see peace instead of this.   

Author: The Gift of the Great Rays, Inner Peace Essays and A Course In Miracles and its Promise of Freedom – available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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