I choose joy instead of pain

Shasta Cloud 1 July 2014 098

Have you ever stopped to notice if you are choosing joy or pain?

Watch your upsetting thoughts.

Ask yourself: Do I want to be upset about this?

Do I like being upset about this?

Do I enjoy the upset feelings?

Sometimes we really enjoy those feelings?

Why? It makes us “feel” something…..big, strong? Little, victimized?

What do you feel? Do you like it?

Say to yourself:

I WANT to feel peaceful. I don’t like feeling this way _________________!

I can let this upset go. I now let this upset go.

You are the only one who can let it go!

That is a powerful decision from your powerful mind! Let it go –

Choose Joy instead of Pain!

See A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson 190 – I choose the joy of God instead of pain.

Shasta Cloud 2 Reno July 2014 099

Imagine ascending into the cloud – go through it and into the LIGHT!

see: http://www.acim.org – workbook lessons

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