A New Pledge of Allegiance

I Pledge Allegiance to Love

United in God’s Love we are One Family

Knowing our Oneness we forgive each other

our projections and embrace the Light, and

the Love that we share.


I felt we needed a new Pledge of Allegiance as I was reading in A Course In Miracles this morning. 

We need to Unite as One People in this Country; with all nations of the world and protected by God’s love.  

We stop categorizing ourselves into ethnic groups, sexual preferences, ideology, political parties,

or Nationalities, various religious and choose acceptance of the one big family we are. 

Division is a way of separation rather than tolerance or understanding.  

Love never condemns; it never excludes.  We all have preferences but we don’t need judge others.

Beyond our individual selves, we are Love, Loved and Loving Beings, United with our Creator.

That is the Truth, Accept the Love that you Are and Have.

Enjoy It, Share It, Be It!



Author: The Gift of the Great Rays, Inner Peace Essays, A Course In Miracles and its Promise of Freedom.

Available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon and Balboa Press


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